Our Services

Campaign-related Services

  • Pre-campaign Planning Studies
  • Campaign Counsel
  • Prospect Research

Sustainable Development

  • Audits
  • Strategic Development Counsel
  • On-going Development Programs
  • Strategic Planning/Comprehensive Development Plans


  • Board Development & Training
  • Staff Development & Training
  • Development Communications
Clients seek out Capstone’s help for many reasons. Because our partners have worked as both Development Officers and Consultants, we have first-hand experience to draw on as we tailor solutions for your current and future fundraising needs, including:

Planning and Managing Your Capital Campaigns

From Pre-Campaign Planning Studies to Campaign Management services, Capstone works with you to plan and execute a campaign that not only reaches its goal, but also positions your organization for on-going fundraising success. We are hands-on partners, supporting staff and volunteers as they bring donors together to turn dreams into reality.

Donor-Focused Development and Stewardship Programs

After working with all types of nonprofit organizations, Capstone knows that the secret to fundraising success is relationships. If you want to build a sustainable program, we can help you develop the strategies, plans, and processes that will maximize your capacity while making your donors feel valued and engaged. We’re not event planners or crowdfunding experts, but other than that, we’ve got you covered.

Training and Support

Antoine St. Exupery said, “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” Capstone Advancement Partners says, “A plan without the people willing and able to implement it is a waste of paper.” Creating buy-in, engaging volunteers, and leveraging a nonprofit’s limited resources effectively are key elements to success in any fundraising endeavor. Capstone consultants provide training, coaching, technical assistance, and advice to assure our clients not only have a road map, but also know how to read it.