the crowning achievement


an act of moving forward


a person who shares with another
in some endeavor

Our name says it all.

We know that reaching fundraising goals takes a lot of work and that sometimes you need a little help from your friends to reach the top.

We are those friends – honest, encouraging, and there when you need us.  We don’t just tell you what to do.  We stand beside you, getting our hands dirty, smoothing over missteps, and celebrating every small success along the way to your crowning achievement, whether that is a successful capital campaign, a donor-focused major gifts program, or a strategic development plan that actually gets implemented.

We also spend a lot of time pinching ourselves just to be sure this is all real.  We feel incredibly lucky that clients let us go along for the ride as they pursue their mission and consider it a privilege to help them turn their dreams into reality.

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Meet Our Team

Brigitte Peck
Brigitte Roufail Peck